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Review of Cafe Racer from MUSIC INTERVIEW MAGAZINE.
Review of Postcards from Bedlam from BLUES BLAST Magazine.
"......the amazing Worried Men ......"  printed in December 2016 edition of Suited and Booted
Review of Postcards from Bedlam at LET IT ROCK, Canada
Review from Diane Gillard (Sister Feelgood) of Worried Men playing at The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival
for Blues Matters Dec 2016:
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From Blues Matters Issue 83, April-May 2015
Blues Matters
JAMIE THYER: Postcards From BedlamJAMIE THYER: Postcards From Bedlam
Review by: Urban 'Wally' Wallstrom at Rock United
It's all Black N Blue? Take the vocalists name and remove the A from their guitarist a.k.a. Fake-Ace and perhaps you'll end up with music and guitar playing in the similar field and style? Nah. Not really. Reading the Postcards from Bedlam is sort of like communicated with the dead. You need to believe in all that mambo jumbo in the first place to truly appreciate the craziness? Never mind the daft introduction as Thyer (darn it, I typed ThAyer several times) and the Worried Men (I'd be worried too if they'd let me out of the asylum) are one of those never stop touring acts in the U.K. with more than 3000 performances all around the stages, pubs and festivals.
What to expect on their latest effort? Shocking solid "pub rock" and blues with their roots deeply buried in the mull of Peter Green, Walter Trout, The Kinks, Nine Below Zero, Thorogood, and Dr. Feelgood. Fun and expressive guitar playing by Thyer and I truly appreciate and enjoy his tone and amp sound. The 13-track album include a couple of covers such as "The Thrill Is Gone" (BB King), "The Witch Queen Of New Orleans" (Redbone). The majority of tracks are however originals and six of them co-written by Carole Warren whom also provided vocal talent. It's overall a nice mix of strong female vocals and the husky whiskey ditto of Thyer.
The guitar sound upfront in the mix (well doh!) and plenty of licks and tricks throughout the album. Jamie is quite the character with a special sense for playing the blues. Close your eyes during the instrumental "Nova" and you could easily find yourself in the middle of 'Still Crazy' and that's not too shabby considering the albums' title. It's proper U.K. guitar rock by a proper U.K. guitarist and his trusted backing band. I expect another postcard from his next visit at the funhouse...
1st February 2015 at Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter with Jefferson Starship
"Having notched up 3000+ live shows, Jamie Thyer and his band (The Worried Men) took to the stage to deliver a 30 minute display of high quality rhythm & blues.
Having shared stages with the likes of Robert Cray, Peter Green and Johnny Winter in the past, you’d expect a quality, tight performance from Jamie, he delivered just that!
He strutted from one side of the stage to the other, oozing charisma and displaying a real ‘presence’ that seems to have bypassed the younger generation of acts being churned out these days. He was playing his classic ‘Flying V’ guitar and after checking out his guitar collection on his website (and feeling very jealous), you can see that Jamie really is an aficionado when it comes to 6 (and 12) stringed instrument.
His ability to make that guitar sing was astounding, some might refer to it as ’show-boating’, I refer to it as a skill! To be able to play that effortlessly takes HOURS of practise, every day, make no mistake folks, you don’t just pick up a guitar and play that well after a couple of weeks. Jamie demonstrated that the hours of study that he has put in over the many years that he’s been playing certainly pays off!
He played a range of his own material as well as a couple of covers, one that stuck in my head was ‘Like a Hurricane’ by Neil Young, rather than taking the song and playing it like for like, he was able to add his magical twist to it, very much making it his own (isn’t that one of Simon Cowell’s favourite phrases?)
Jamie has been referred to as “ONE OF THE BEST LIVING AXEMEN THAT BRITAIN HAS TO OFFER” and we couldn’t agree more!
The crowd loved his energy and enthusiasm and I look forward to the next time I get to see him play, check his website for future live dates and get yourselves down there to support him, you can thank me later!"
Steve Muscutt (MUSIC MUSO)
From the South Wales Argus July 26th 2001   South Wales Argus
"The Worried Men are a power trio who play good, heavy rock with no compromise, their set at Scallys blew the crowd away, maybe that is why they get so many gigs..."
(Weston Mercury)
"The Worried Men were in charge of entertaining us and they did a sterling job of that task.
Jamie, lead singer and guitarist, is one of the best living axemen that Britain has to offer, and I always grin from ear to ear whenever I see him play.
If you like your rock bluesy and your blues served up with real soul, the Worried Men are a band to catch"
( 100% BIKER )
"JAMIE THYER......demonstrated a dextrous touch when playing slide"
"JAMIE THYER.......firing on all six strings"
(Record Collector)
"...some exceptional singers and bands to be seen, not the least of which were THE WORRIED MEN..........
There's something about Jamie that just sneaks a smile onto my face before I've even noticed it, and it stays there for the duration.
I've caught The Worried Men a few times now and they never fail to raise my spirits."
Rod Lawless (Back Street Heroes)
Jamie Thyer's Worried Men at the Black Lion in Hereford  review by BBC Hereford & Worcester.
"...some tasty guitar playing from Thyer" - Pete Pardo (Sea of Tranquility)
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From The Wiltshire Ocelot    The Wiltshire Ocelot
by Gemma Abbott
Comparing themselves to Thorogood, Gary Moore and Wilko Johnson, New Worried Men are a rock trio from North Wiltshire who bring a fresh approach to a somewhat jaded rhythm and blues scene.
Playing at the Old Ale House in Salisbury, the crowd was entertained by loud guitar-strong music from the off and an awesome set including a lengthy drum solo by ‘Huggy’ (or “180lbs of Chepstow Glory”) thrown in for good measure.
‘Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire’ rocked the house and for me, a rock heathen, evoked memories of Wayne’s World, all skinny snow-wash denim and long locks.
Unlike many bands of this kind, the New Worried Men clearly have a natural ability to entertain rather

Jamie Thyer

than merely play instruments well. Jamie Thyer is the undisputed star of the show and could well have been playing to Wembley for the enthusiasm and professionalism he showed throughout, despite some technical glitches with the pub lighting.
If ZZ Top or the Hamsters do it for you, you’ll love this band – if not, you should check them out anyway – they’re sure to put a smile on your face.
From Blues in Britain    Blues in Britain
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